Being named Maeve=Ur Supertalented!

I have long held the view that the name Maeve conveys some form of creative super talent on those lucky enough to bear it. There is in fact so much evidence for this, that I intend making it my mission to find out where more of my namesakes are and what they do so I can appreciate their talents.

I must confess I do like a shindig, and for my next one I have one particular Maeve earmarked to be included on the guest list.

I’m always on the lookout for other Maeves and I was more than delighted to familiarise myself with this particular songstress.

Turns out this Maeve moved to London from the Cayman Islands in 2004 after Hurrican Ivan and is a right wan for a few choons.

Such as this!

Not only that one can see from her social feed that she is a right style icon altogether!

A selection of snaps from Maeve’s instagram feed. She’s @maevemusic on instagram.

Even British Vogue has featured this talented Maeve. And sure why wouldn’t they sez you especially given the Maeve sound. Here’s another top track!

Give her a follow @Maevemusic on instagram and she is also on Spotify. I also see her trying to wield a sword but we all know which Maeve is better at that!

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